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“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” ― Anne Frank

Not Ready

Last week, I stayed overnight at my parents’ house in Milaca. The next morning, I woke up, and feeling exhausted from a lack of sleep the night before, went downstairs into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. I turned on the Keurig, and immediately the digital display flashed the message: NOT READY. ToContinue reading “Not Ready”

To B or Not to B

Last fall, I was invited to give a talk to a group of breast cancer survivors known as the Firefly Sisterhood. Prior to the presentation I met with a very nice woman who was organizing it, also a survivor herself; of course, we got to talking about all things breast cancer related, including the currentContinue reading “To B or Not to B”

We Are Winning

In light of the alarming numbers and news reports regarding the omicron variant, I just had to share highlights of a group conversation in my clinic this morning that I felt would be a welcome note of positivity. In short: we are winning. While cases have spiked to as high as >10,000 per day inContinue reading “We Are Winning”


The month of October used to be associated with many positive things, at least for me; sunny and cool autumn weather, the turning of the leaves, seeing beautiful fall colors at their peak, and football, lots of football. I also appreciate the transition to different menu items this time of year; at last week’s farmer’sContinue reading “Oktoberfest”

The Swear Jar

Back in 2019–which seems like decades ago now!–the months leading up to the release of my first book were actually a bit of a blur. Here I thought that the actual writing of the book would be the most challenging, time consuming part; later, I found the arduous journey of finding a willing publisher wasContinue reading “The Swear Jar”

Finding the Time

Recently I was involved in teaching a workshop to Internal Medicine residents, presenting a topic somewhat unique, a bit different than our usual educational offerings.  I was talking about therapeutic aspects of creative writing–this was a coping mechanism for me after my cancer diagnosis in 2016.  But residents in training have also used writing inContinue reading “Finding the Time”

Breaking Bad

In medical school, I learned a five step model on how to deliver bad news to a patient. I still fall back on this method, time and again, in my primary care clinic; I’ve even used it when giving really tough feedback to a learner who is struggling in some aspect of their performance. ButContinue reading “Breaking Bad”


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