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“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.” ― Anne Frank


The month of October used to be associated with many positive things, at least for me; sunny and cool autumn weather, the turning of the leaves, seeing beautiful fall colors at their peak, and football, lots of football. I also appreciate the transition to different menu items this time of year; at last week’s farmer’sContinue reading “Oktoberfest”

The Swear Jar

Back in 2019–which seems like decades ago now!–the months leading up to the release of my first book were actually a bit of a blur. Here I thought that the actual writing of the book would be the most challenging, time consuming part; later, I found the arduous journey of finding a willing publisher wasContinue reading “The Swear Jar”

Finding the Time

Recently I was involved in teaching a workshop to Internal Medicine residents, presenting a topic somewhat unique, a bit different than our usual educational offerings.  I was talking about therapeutic aspects of creative writing–this was a coping mechanism for me after my cancer diagnosis in 2016.  But residents in training have also used writing inContinue reading “Finding the Time”

Breaking Bad

In medical school, I learned a five step model on how to deliver bad news to a patient. I still fall back on this method, time and again, in my primary care clinic; I’ve even used it when giving really tough feedback to a learner who is struggling in some aspect of their performance. ButContinue reading “Breaking Bad”

You’ve Got Mail

Given the advent of online bill paying years ago, my home mailbox doesn’t see all that much traffic; it is generally reserved for a few select medical journals, cooking magazines, and the usual junk mail.  After my cancer journey began, however, it was flooded with a whole host of interesting items–cards, letters, care packages, appointmentContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail”


This past week marked my 5 year “cancerversary”; April 26th was the date of the operation that made me cancer free.  It is also, coincidentally, my actual wedding anniversary and for me personally, it’s been enjoyable to celebrate both on the same day. But the 5 year mark for many women is significant.  Most breastContinue reading “Cancerversary”

The Roaring 2020s

As I was listening to the radio in my car last week, I heard some commentary that at first seemed very encouraging.  In America, the 1920s were a period of economic growth, prosperity and optimism, with the decade being dubbed “The Roaring Twenties” as a result.  Much of this was fueled by the end ofContinue reading “The Roaring 2020s”


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