Finding the Time

Recently I was involved in teaching a workshop to Internal Medicine residents, presenting a topic somewhat unique, a bit different than our usual educational offerings.  I was talking about therapeutic aspects of creative writing–this was a coping mechanism for me after my cancer diagnosis in 2016.  But residents in training have also used writing inContinue reading “Finding the Time”

The New Laws of the House of God

On a family vacation road trip last month, I read “Man’s Fourth Best Hospital” by Samuel Shem, the sequel to “The House of God.” Most physicians have read The House of God, including me back in college, which chronicles the grueling nature of residency training, with equal parts satire, dark humor, and poignant humanity. ItContinue reading “The New Laws of the House of God”

You’ve Got Mail

Given the advent of online bill paying years ago, my home mailbox doesn’t see all that much traffic; it is generally reserved for a few select medical journals, cooking magazines, and the usual junk mail.  After my cancer journey began, however, it was flooded with a whole host of interesting items–cards, letters, care packages, appointmentContinue reading “You’ve Got Mail”

God Shows Up in the Vending Machine

Last summer, with gyms closed due to the pandemic, I made an extra effort to ride my bike to work, as often as possible.  It’s an efficient way to combine the commute with exercise for the day.  It is also more enjoyable and psychologically uplifting to be on a bike, outdoors, in nature, feeling theContinue reading “God Shows Up in the Vending Machine”