God Shows Up in the Vending Machine

Last summer, with gyms closed due to the pandemic, I made an extra effort to ride my bike to work, as often as possible.  It’s an efficient way to combine the commute with exercise for the day.  It is also more enjoyable and psychologically uplifting to be on a bike, outdoors, in nature, feeling theContinue reading “God Shows Up in the Vending Machine”

Chicken Breast Cancer

It is interesting to note what can amuse us, generally speaking, as a society these days.  Humor is often found in everyday things that strike us as ironic, idiosyncratic, or absurd; think Jerry Seinfeld and his observations about “nothing.” Recently, technology has become such an integral part of our lives, that it too has becomeContinue reading “Chicken Breast Cancer”

The Science is Never Settled

In recent years–and even more so in the last 11 months–I have been hearing a lot of the “S” word lately.  And no, not the expletive that would actually very appropriately describe the last 11 months, but rather, references to science. We have all heard the phrases “Follow the science.”  “The science is clear.” “TheContinue reading “The Science is Never Settled”

White Coats and Cardigans

I recently read the book, “Breaking and Mending” by Dr. Joanna Cannon, a memoir of a doctor’s training experience in the UK.  In it, she writes, “In our first lecture on day one of medical school, as we were welcomed into our medical career, we were told something else—that there are two kinds of doctors,Continue reading “White Coats and Cardigans”

Continuity of Care: Now More Than Ever

I’ve been conducting virtual clinic visits for almost a full year now.  At first, mostly telephone, then gradually transitioning to video encounters; it was helpful to be able to “lay eyes” on my patient.  Actually, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much we can accomplish during a virtual visit. And not just reviewing bloodContinue reading “Continuity of Care: Now More Than Ever”